SegWitz is a privately owned IT Support and IT Services business formed in Malaysia. Today we’re proud to boast a strong team of developers who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving your problems with technology and meeting your business needs.

Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, SegWitz has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.

SegWitz will take away the perception that Technology is an expense. Having a website is not an expense. Having a management software is not expense. They are all an investment. Data gathering is a point which is overly out-looked here in Malaysia. Data is so power that it can bring a business down or up. Advanced data collection and analytics are a crucial process in the manufacturing industry and we believe that it will increase the efficiency of the production of the goods.

With SegWitz , businesses devote their full focus on delivering their products or services to their customers as we take care of all technology aspects of a business. Acquiring talents is never easy , we allow businesses to maximize the usage of our resources to increase the productivity and also revenue.


  • Web Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Video Games Development
  • AI/ML
  • IoT
  • Blockchain
  • Cyber Security


Listing Type : Business Services
Location : Kluang
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